Monday, May 20, 2013

If Obama were White, articles of Impeachment would have been drafted weeks ago

When Harry Truman was president he famously said the buck stops in his office.  It was a firm statement by a president who accepted responsibility for whatever happened in his administration.  Americans were assured with Harry at the helm; they could sleep well at night knowing the captain of the ship of state was always on watch.    

Let’s fast forward to 2013 and the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama who never seems to take personal responsibility for anything.  Oh he was quick to accept praise for killing Osama bin Laden, but when it comes to the IRS scandal, he didn’t know about that. 

When our consulate was being attacked in Benghazi, did President Obama take charge?  No, he left that job to others and President Obama was MIA for eight hours and to this day America didn’t know where he was. 
When the Justice Department spied on the Associates Press, President Obama was supposedly in the dark about that too.  It seems that this president is in the dark about everything all the time.  Yet the media continues to make excuses for him.  How can we teach our children about the virtue of accepting personal responsibility for their actions when we have a president who shirks his whenever it’s politically expedient? 

How does President Obama get to be judged by different standards compared to past presidents? 

I think the answer is obvious and the country is suffering for it!     

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