Sunday, June 16, 2013

Funny how the media doesn’t use the phrase “connect the dots” during the Obama presidency

George W. Bush was in office barely eight months when the 911 attacks happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Soon after the media, in a journalistic mode because a Republican was in office, castigated the Bush administration for failing to “connect the dots” in describing a failure to analyze information gathered by the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies to possibly discover and foil the attacks. 

Bush took the admonishment to heart and as a result there wasn’t another terrorist attack on U.S. anywhere in the world for the remainder of his presidency. 

Fast forward to the Obama presidency’s 5th year and there have been five terrorists’ attacks on U.S. soil

In light of recent news reports of unprecedented surveillance of the American people going on and yet still we suffered this many terrorists attacks.  Isn’t it funny how the media doesn’t apply “connecting the dots” to Obama whatsoever?  That’s because the media is currently “public relations” mode when a Democrat is in office.   

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