Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vile Lefty blogger mocks FRC’s Call 2 Fall loge as man performing oral sex

In one of the more vulgar attacks in the history U.S. of political thought American Blog sees fit to attack an event sponsored by the Family Research Council.  

The said event on June 30, 2013 is a call for people of faith to pray to God on behalf of the nation.  The FRC has been at the forefront in the battle to protect God ordained traditional marriage. 

However, Godless Leftists are very quick to malign people they disagree with and the latest example is a very crude critique of the loge for Call 2 Fall.   

American Blog writes:

"In one of the most unfortunate moves in American politics since Republicans kept referring to the Tea Party “teabagging,” the anti-gay Family Research Council, which has been officially designated a “hate group,” has come up with a rather odd campaign to fight the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA yesterday.
(Big hat tip to Chris Geidner who first tweeted the logo.)

FRC’s anti-gay campaign is titled “Call 2 Fall.”  (Note the number “2″, done Internet-style – rather than being written out “two” – to attract the younguns.)
The anti-gay campaign’s slogan is “On our knees for America.”
And it’s accompanied by a logo that appears to be a man performing oral sex."

It’s very apparent to un-warped minds that the loge for Call 2 Fall is of a man kneeling in prayer to a higher power.  But, the demonic forces that are behind the LBGT community only see the kind of depravity they themselves practice on a daily basis. 

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