Friday, August 16, 2013

Reporters Laugh When Obama's Spokesman Denies Another 'End Run' Around Congress to raise taxes

These lapdog reporters wouldn’t be chuckling if a Republican president was as despotic as Obama.  Only when a GOPer is in office they become journalists again! 

CNS News reports the White House press corps laughed when President Obama's spokesman on Wednesday said the president, in directing the Federal Communications Commission to raise cell phone taxes to pay for broadband Internet access in schools, would not be going around Congress.

"The FCC will decide whether another tax is applied? You're not making an end run around Congress in this case?" a reporter asked fill-in White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

"Well, I -- 'end-run' is not the word I would use. What I would say is that there has been -- (laughter) -- what we have seen from Congress is, we've seen a lot of stagnation and dysfunction and an inability to act on some rather obvious priorities of the American people.

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