Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thugs’ stop-and-frisk fear revealed in biggest gun seizure in city history

Gee, the perps are black.  Must’ve been a coincidence and not racial profiling. 

New York Post reports even the gunrunners know stop-and-frisk works.

The NYPD took down two smuggling rings that used cheap Chinatown buses to funnel a terrifying array of illegal weapons here from the South — and the thugs were caught on wiretaps warning about stop-and-frisk.

“I can’t take them . . . to my house . . . I’m in Brownsville . . . We got like, whatchamacallit, stop-and-frisk,” a 23-year-old alleged gunrunner was heard saying. 

The gun bust — the biggest in city history — netted 254 weapons and 19 suspects in fewer than 12 months, authorities said. 

The haul included military-grade machine guns with silencers as large as the weapons themselves and Soviet-era assault rifles with flash and smoke suppressors. 

The arsenal’s most powerful weapons — .45-caliber handguns — “could kill an elephant,” said a law-enforcement source.

Up to 14 guns were packed into luggage in one bus trip alone for a tidy $9,700 sale, officials said.

The arms were initially bought for $200 to $300 a pop through two networks — one in South Carolina and the other in North Carolina, states where gun laws are notoriously weak, officials said.

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Stop and Frisk keeps people alive especially in the ‘hood!  Ask any Chicago parent who has lost a child in that shooting gallery of a city.     

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