Monday, October 14, 2013

LATEST UPDATE Lancaster Ohio Catholic High School Teacher, Kathleen Thomas Accused Of Exchanging Nude Photos With Student

Lucky for this teacher she hasn’t been identified yet.  But, if any word comes out as to who the teacher is and it gets published in the papers, send me an email. 

NBC 4 reports a teacher at William V. Fisher Catholic High School in Lancaster has been placed on administrative leave after she was accused of exchanging nude pictures with one of her students.

According to the police report, Fisher Catholic Principal Sean Kenney told Lancaster police that he was approached by a parent at a football game on October 12. Kenney told police that the parent reported that a student had received a sexually oriented picture from one of the teachers.

Kenney called police on October 13 to report the incident.

Kenney told responding officers that it was alleged that a teacher at the high school had sent a nude picture of herself to a 17-year-old male student.

Upon speaking with the alleged minor victim, officers learned that the teacher had allegedly asked the student for his phone number on September 26. The student said he complied with the teacher's request.

The student told officers that his teacher began texting him after school and asked him why he appeared to be angry that day. The student stated that the accused teacher then sent him nude pictures of her and asked him to send nude pictures of himself in return.
The student told officers that he complied with the teacher's request, and that the teacher continued to send nude pictures of herself.

The student states that he discontinued communication with the teacher the following day because she was making him feel uncomfortable. The student states that he deleted all messages exchanged with his teacher.

The student told officers he became concerned that people might fight out about the incident and asked the teacher for another picture. The teacher complied and sent the student another nude picture, according to the student.

The student told officers that he saved the picture to his email.
The student also told officers that the teacher rubbed his leg with her foot in class when the pair was alone.

UPDATE  10-15-13

According to a police report, the 17-year-old student identified the teacher as KathleenThomas, 26. Kenney declined to confirm the teacher’s identity but said she had been at the high school for five years

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UPDATE 12-18-13  

Fisher Catholic teacher charged after allegations of texting nude photo to student

Lancaster eagle Gazette reports a Fisher Catholic High School teacher who had been placed on paid administrative leave in October after an allegation that she sent a nude photograph to a student has been charged with misdemeanors relating to the investigation.

Kathleen Thomas, 26, of Canal Winchester, has been charged in Fairfield County Municipal Court with one count of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and with telecommunications harassment, both first-degree misdemeanors.

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