Thursday, October 31, 2013

NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Obama hits All Time Low 42% Job Approval

Three weeks an AP Poll had Obama’s approval at 37% and the corrupt media ignored it.  Three days after that this same NBC/Wall Street Journal poll sent the media and progressives on a gleefest when it stated Americans faulted Republicans for the Shutdown. 

So will the media ignore the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll now that they precious Barack Obama is sinking like a stone?

The Huffington Post reports President Barack Obama's approval rating has sunk to a record low, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday night, amid deepening concern over U.S. spying and Obamacare.

Increasing disaffection with Obama goes beyond the government shutdown that an earlier poll found had "badly damaged" the Republican Party, the pollsters said.

"The NBC/WSJ pollsters argue that no single reason explains Obama’s lower poll standing," writes NBC senior political editor Mark Murray. "Rather, they attribute it to the accumulation of setbacks since the summer -- allegations of spying by the National Security Agency, the debate over Syria’s chemical weapons, the government shutdown and now intense scrutiny over the problems associated with the health care law’s federal website and its overall implementation."

Obama's approval rating now stands at 42 percent -- a low in NBC/WSJ's polling. It had hovered in the mid-to-high 40s since April and was 47 percent in early October.

Obama's favorability ratings dropped underwater, with 41 percent viewing him favorably and 45 percent unfavorably. Opinions remain divided over his signature health care law, with 37 percent seeing it as a good idea and 47 percent as a bad idea, somewhat less positive than earlier this month.

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