Monday, November 11, 2013

Before the horror: a teen gang-rape victim’s tortured soul, Florida gang rape of a teen girl by 5 teen monsters

Very hard to read follow up of a vicious gang rape perpetrated by 3 boys and 2 girl teens.  This crime may be the most shocking ever to occur in Florida if not the United States.    

Her eyes were burning.

She reached up, screaming, wrapping her arms around her head.

The kicks were unrelenting, hard and punishing. 

They were spitting on her.

“You’re a dumb bitch,’’ the girls spat.

“You a ho, and if you don’t do what we say, we are going to keep beating you.’’

They dragged her by her hair down a stairwell and smashed her head into the concrete.

She pleaded again to be let go, wailing as they yanked her by the hair into a bedroom.

And then, recording it all on a cell phone video, they stripped her of her clothes, along with her last shred of dignity.

Betrayed by the ones she had trusted

Stephanie somehow survived the scars of a brutal childhood only to be betrayed by one of the few people she trusted, her best friend. Police say the girl, a fellow 10th grader at South Broward High School in Hollywood — and another girlfriend, a 16-year-old dropout, along with three young men — ambushed, then mercilessly attacked her, telling her they would kill her if she didn’t agree to have sex with one of the teenage men.

“I still really don’t understand how they could have done this,’’ Stephanie said softly. “She was my best friend.’’

Her eyes are swollen, black and blue, and she has bruises up and down her arms and legs. The whites of her eyes are bright red from broken blood vessels.

The beating, she said, felt like it lasted for hours. At one point, she thought she might die.

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These 5 teens are subhuman! 

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