Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bill de Blasio’s victory is like a fashion fad, outgoing Mayor Bloomberg says: Ouch!

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again.  New Yorkers will rue the day they voted for a Neo-Communist like Bill de Blasio.   If he’s true to his word and runs this city with “progressives” policies then hello Detroit and bankruptcy. 

Mark my words!

New  York Daily News reports here’s the long and short of it, according to Mayor Bloomberg — voters chose Bill de Blasio the way they might choose a new dress.

Analyzing his successor’s landslide victory Friday, Bloomberg tried to skirt the issue of possible voter discontent with the current City Hall administration.

“I liken it to hemlines,” said the departing three-term mayor, whose own sartorial tastes run to Paul Stuart suits and, occasionally, socks bright enough to cause a sunburn.

“You know, hemlines are fine, but next year they move ’em up or down, because people want a change.”

Bloomberg insisted de Blasio’s historic mandate wasn’t a repudiation of the last 12 years at City Hall.

“This campaign (wasn’t) so much anti-Bloomberg or anti-establishment, it was a change,” he said during his weekly radio appearance with WOR’s John Gambling.

When people say they “just want a change,” the mayor said. “You say, ‘Change what?’ ‘I don’t know, I want a change.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Just time for change.’ ”

The lame-duck mayor said de Blasio’s getting a great deal — inheriting a Gotham that is in sparkling condition.

“We’re going to turn the city over to the de Blasio administration in as good shape as we possibly can — crime’s going to be record low, test scores in schools are going to be at record highs, the budget is balanced, the culturals have never been stronger, park system is in unbelievably great shape,” Hizzoner said.

“If I were that administration, I’d have a smile on my face and say, ‘You know, we’ve got a great hand to play and we can take it and go further.’ ”

Bloomberg said the budget plan he laid out for the coming year is balanced, although it does not account for billions in retroactive pay being sought by labor unions.

“It’s not fiction and it’s not magic,” Bloomberg said, citing higher-than-expected revenues as a key reason for the deficit-free outlook.

No doubt judging by what de Blasio has done already by appointing a 60 member transition team chock full of radical Leftists and getting crime advice from a summit ofex convicts, de Blasio will supply me with plenty of blog fodder. 

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