Saturday, November 23, 2013

Buffalo teacher Sharon D. Perry faces discipline for letter about smelly children

So what’s the problem with the note?

Buffalo News reports a Buffalo school district is taking action against a veteran elementary school teacher who sent a note home with all her students claiming that some were coming to school with dirty clothes and smelly bad. 

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I think this teacher did the right thing. 

If some parents don’t have the good sense to take better care of their kids, then all the other parents should know about it because the health of their kids is at risk too by other dirty smelly kids.   Who knows what diseases they could spread in those conditions?

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  1. The causes of "disease of dirty hands" are viruses (hepatitis A, polio, viral diarrhea), bacteria (typhoid fever, dysentery), parasites (amebna dysentery, enterobijaza).
    And this is only the begining.


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