Monday, December 9, 2013

Indiana hero teen Aubrey Peters killed in shooting by a fool

This is so tragic!  Guns are not toys and in the hands of a fool, stupidity like this happens that ends in the taking of a heroic life.
Fox News reports a teenager who jumped into an icy reservoir three years ago to save two drowning children has died in a shooting inside an Indiana home.

Aubrey Peters, 16, was pronounced dead at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis late Sunday, hours after she was shot in the chest inside a Noblesville home.

Jacob Travis McDaniel, 20, of Noblesville has been charged with reckless homicide and pointing a firearm, both felonies. McDaniel and a group of friends were hanging out at his house Sunday night when he retrieved a handgun, according to court documents, WXIN-TV reported .

Authorities say McDaniel tried to get Peters to hold the pistol, but she refused. Believing the gun was empty, McDaniel allegedly pointed the gun at Peters and pulled the trigger, striking Peters.

"What just happened?" a witness recalled Peters saying after she'd been shot.
A witness also told police that McDaniel allegedly asked everyone present to tell authorities that the gun fell off a table and accidentally went off.

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This guy was a supreme idiot!


  1. what a fool of an idiot... he was never taught how to use that thing and now look what he's done... stupid, stupid, stupid terrible thing
    if hiss parents had just braught him up right.. or heck, if he hadn't have been a damned fool... stupid sonofabitch will live with this the rest of his days... here family will only have sadness

  2. Everytime I hear about this it makes me fuckin sick. Accident or not the mother fucker should not point a gun or even a damn stick from the yard at a young innocent girl that is only 16 years of age when you are damn 20 years of age. Obviously he has no respect for women and when they say no it means fuckin no. Have fun in jail you dirty piece of shit. (Sorry for Language this just makes me sick)


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