Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man-made Climate Change Believers Need to Come Clean about Being 21st Century Atheists

Believers in man-made climate change, who used to call it global warming until they ran into some inconvenient truths, need to admit that they don’t believe in God.  It takes a Godless person to believe that carbon is a pollutant.  

These arrogant people think that they have the power to declare that riding a bicycle instead of an SUV somehow affects the weather?  They really believe if they had the ability to snap their fingers and return the whole world population back to the horse and buggy age that somehow extreme weather would cease to exist?

Come on climate change believers!  Admit it once and for all that your religion is man-made-climate change.  It’s an article of faith for you guys despite all of the scientific evidence that proves CO2 does not drive temperature.  You still believe it does because it is your secular religion that ignores the truth that the climate is controlled by Almighty God. 

He wants it cold, it gets cold. 

He wants it hot, it gets hot! 

He wants it to snow and ice, and snow and ice it will be.   For as long as He wants it to last regardless of all the bicycle riding by 6 billion human beings He created in the first place. 

I admit I’m a believer in God.

Why don’t you admit you’re not?      

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