Thursday, February 27, 2014

St Louis -Two black teens arrested for animal cruelty over a shocking video showing a pit bull puppy being hurled in the air and repeatedly punched

This is very sick to watch and what’s most disturbing is how the one taking the video just laughs away as his partner mistreats the poor puppy. 
Who really is the animals here?

Daily Mail reports a graphic video showing a boy viciously throwing and punching a puppy has gone viral and led to the arrests of two teenagers.
The shocking 32-second clip was posted Tuesday on a Facebook page associated with Coat Keshawn, of St Louis, Missouri. 

The video begins with a teen grabbing a light-brown pit bull puppy under his front paws and hurling the animal over his head.

Another boy, who presumably shot the video, could be heard laughing in the background as his friend slams the pooch to the ground.

He picks up the pet and flips him over his head a second time before pinning the pit bull down and repeatedly punching him. 

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WARNING-Don’t play video if you’re a dog lover!

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  1. Are these blacks the ones Obama wants to help with his brothers keeper money? I guess so.


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