Friday, March 21, 2014

California teacher Gary Sconce announces sex change to occur over spring break and return as Karen Adell Scot a little snip and tuck for the road

Can this he-she students claim a do over on their grades they got when Gary was a man?  If he wasn’t in his right mind as a man how can any of his grades be valid?  Or is it her grades?  I’m confused.
Daily Caller reports over spring break, a 56-year-old male teacher at Yosemite High School named Gary Sconce will complete his odyssey of surgical and hormone-generated transition to become Karen Adell Scot.

The transgender teacher had been married and he is a father, reports The Fresno Bee. He has been a teacher for 30 years.

The Bee, which is already calling Sconce by his new surname, interviewed the science and multimedia teacher for the festive occasion.

He said he told his family last April that he has felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body ever since he was a little kid. Since April, he has undergone extensive hormone replacement therapy.

“It’s like getting out of dark solitary confinement in prison where you never saw the light,” Sconce told the Bee. “You can’t believe that you actually are free.”
He called his condition gender dysphoria.

“People say it’s like a mental illness but it’s not,” he added. “It’s being your authentic self after being a fake you.”

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In the words of Archie Bunker, “Good night nurse!”  The world is insane!

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