Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Salon’s Brian Beutler has no clue how many people are really enrolled in ObamaCare Nobody does

Brian Beutler  a blogger for far left website Salon.com,  , doesn’t know what he’s talking about .  Like most progressives he comes off like he knows everything there is about the Affordable Care Act.  But, in reality he’s as clueless as Kathleen "death panel"Sebelius.     

He writes:

“But it’s a great coincidence for those of us in the business of cutting through all the hyperbole that accompanies each ACA anniversary, because, for the first time since the law passed, there are real data, and real beneficiaries, to hold up against the spin.
And as I’ve been arguing for months now, the GOP’s position on the law can’t actually withstand on-the-ground realities.”
The reality is, Brian, is that the Obama administration  has zero credibility for honesty.   Nobody except Kool-Aid drinking Obots would believe the data this regime puts out.    

Some may have paid, some not! She doesn’t know and that means the enrollment numbers are meaningless. Keep dreaming Brian!

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