Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saving Hillary’s Lying Ass Part ll:New batch of Hillary Clinton emails will hit the Internet on New Year's Eve – when no one is paying attention

 I don’t think it’s possible how corrupt Hillary Clinton truly is. 
In some ways she’s worse than her husband. 

Daily Mail reports the Hillary Clinton email dump will continue this week, with a new batch to come on Thursday.

The State Department typically unloads the Clinton files late afternoon on deadline day, in this case, New Year's Eve, when average Americans are likely to be doing anything but reading through an ex-cabinet member's old emails.

The emails have revealed more about Clinton's television watching preferences, tendency to lose personal items like scarves and reliance on her aides to complete menial tasks than bombshells. 

Those that contain sensitive information are heavily redacted - blacked out - and many have been retroactively classified.

As of last month's haul, close to 1,000 of Clinton's emails from her time as secretary of state were labeled classified after the fact. 

State has been releasing a new batch of Clinton emails on the last day of every month - with an Oct. 30 exception - since this summer in compliance with a court order.

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