Saturday, January 9, 2016

Angela’s Mess: Fallout from New Year’s Eve sexual assaults by Muslim Refugees in Germany only now beginning to spread around the World

Angela Merkel, the leader of Germany, was recently named Time Magazine Person of theYear mainly for her full embrace in taking in Muslim refugees into Germany. 
Liberals around the world couldn’t stop giving her full-throated praise for her kindness and progressivism. 

Well, not so fast because the people of Germany are in uproar over the sexual assault of German woman at the hands of foreigners, some of which were Angela Merkel invites.  

  More than 120 women were targeted in Cologne on New Year's Eve
  They were chased, cornered and groped; mobiles and wallets were stolen
  ‘The men were all foreigners, and when we protested, in German, they did not understand us,’ victim Michelle said
  German ministers say 3,200 migrants a day continue to enter the country

The exquisite sound of Cologne’s cathedral choir drifted out into the cool night air of the city’s main square on Wednesday evening. A Holy mass, celebrating the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus's cribside, was packed with worshippers marking the 12th day of Christmas in this fiercely Christian part of Germany.

As the service ended and families poured out onto the pavement, an 18-year-old German girl called Michelle stood under bright arc lights nearby giving an interview to a television crew.

She and a group of friends had been sexually attacked in the same cathedral square by gangs of marauding men a few days before, on New Year’s Eve. The girls were chased, cornered and intimately groped before their mobiles and wallets were stolen.

‘The men were all foreigners, and when we protested, in German, they did not understand us,’ said Michelle during the interview.

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Alice Schwarzer, a well-known German feminist, wrote on her blog on Tuesday that the events were a “product of misguided tolerance.” Frauke Petry, head of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland party, said the events were a “result of uncontrolled migration.”

See how Liberalism causes more problems than it solves?