Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Donald Trump: It Would Be Interesting to Ask Bill Clinton the Difference Between Him and Cosby

I raised that same question myself last week.
GatewayPundit reports Donald Trump went after Bill Clinton again on Tuesday.  Trump told Howie Carr it would be interesting to ask Bill Clinton the difference between him and Bill Cosby.

Donald Trump says it would be “very interesting” to ask Bill Clinton how he was different from Bill Cosby.

Asked on the Howie Carr Show on Monday if there is a difference between Clinton and Cosby, Trump said, 

“Well, the Cosby thing is a weird deal and he’s got himself some big problems, and you almost have to ask Bill Clinton that question. It would be a very interesting question to some day ask him. Certainly he has a lot of strong charges against him and it’s pretty bad stuff. And it only got brought up because she said I have sexist tendencies. And I respect women so much and I’ll protect women and I’ll protect them and I’ll protect the whole country.”

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