Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI sources say decision on charging Hillary Clinton with a crime could come at any time

All this depends on President Obama and whether he wants to protect Hillary or let her be treated like any other person.
  Do we have one justice system in this country or two where laws don’t apply to Hillary because she’s too big to jail?

Daily Mail reports the slow-moving federal train that is the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email practices is not slowing down anytime soon - and may keep running into the general presidential election this fall.

That's according to a new report in The Hill on Thursday, which said any prosecution decision about the current Democratic race-leader may not come until the time that voters go to the polls for good for 2016. 

The report quoted FBI sources as saying there is no set time for a final declaration about whether the former secretary of state should be prosecuted for mishandling classified intelligence.

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  1. It may be wise for her to plead guilty so that obama can pardon her while still in office. They will also have to special order a stainless steel toilet that is large enough so the timing may be tricky.

  2. Samuel. Isn't funny that we get this news from an English newspaper?


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