Sunday, January 10, 2016

GOTCHA: 4 teens arrested in connection with brutal gang rape 18 yr old woman Brownsville Brooklyn, 1 teen still at large

Good!  I’m glad they got the animals who did this!
ABC News reports police say four teens, ranging from 14-18 years old are in custody in connection with the gang rape of another teen at a playground in Brownsville. One suspect still remains on the loose.

Police released surveillance video of the gang consisting of five men entering a nearby bodega before Thursday night's attack.

Police say the 18-year-old was walking with her father near Osborn Playground in Brownsville on Thursday night. Five men walked up, pointed a gun, and told the man to leave. The father tells Eyewitness News that he had no choice but to leave his daughter in the park surrounded by the men. What allegedly happened next is unsettling, but some say had it unfolded in different parts of the city, it would have been handled differently.

"The one put a gun in my face telling me to run, and all of them had their way with her," said the teen's father, who is is not being identified.

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The father of this girl is going to be in for a very rough time for abandoning his daughter.  He deserves all the criticism he gets!