Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello Selfie Generation: Heartless Woman Holly Jones posts Facebook rant about how a 57-year-old mother ruined her New Year's Eve meal by having a HEART ATTACK in the bar

There’s a generation of people just like this woman raised to be self-centered by horrible helicopter parents.
  I’m really not shocked. 

Daily Mail reports a young hair stylist from Indiana has been revealed to be behind the Facebook rant about her New Year's Eve being ruined by a woman who was having a heart attack.
Holly Jones went online to slam staff at Kilroy's Bar N' Grill in Indianapolis, after she said staff told her 'someone dying was important then (sic) us'. 

She believed the woman was a 'junkie' having an overdose, and criticized waiters for not giving them the service she desired as they went to her aid.

However she was unaware that the woman was 57, and had fallen ill during a meal out with her husband.
The woman had to be treated on the bar floor by paramedics and is expected to survive, but manager Chris Burton told Daily Mail Online she was in a bad condition for a while.

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