Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton makes Emergency Appearance Face the Nation to deny Smoking Gun Email Showing she instructed subordinate to strip markings from classified material

The Hillary camp normally reacts very slowly to news events.  The fact that she herself appeared on a national Sunday show days after very explosive new information was released to the public demonstrates how serious they feel about it.
  She may say there’s no there there all she wants.  But, her appearance itself screams otherwise. 

CBS News reports Clinton also addressed questions over the latest questions over her email practices and said she never sent classified information over private email server while serving as secretary of state, even though a newly-released email shows her instructing an aide on how to send talking points through a non-secure system.

"As the State Department said just this week that did not happen and it never would have happened because that's just not the way I treated classified information," Clinton said Sunday in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation." 

The Democratic presidential candidate has repeatedly insisted that no classified information was sent or received through her private email server. But in one email exchange between Clinton and staffer Jake Sullivan from June 17, 2011, Clinton advised Sullivan to send a set of talking points by email when he had trouble sending them through secure means.

Part of the exchange is redacted, so the context of the emails is unknown. After Sullivan that aides were having "issues" sending the emails through secure fax, Clinton responded, "If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."

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