Sunday, January 10, 2016

Neutralizing Hillary on Fox News Sunday: Trumps threatens to use Bill Clinton’s past if Hillary continues to call him sexist

For the past week Hillary has whispered her friends in the corrupt media machine that her sexual predator husband Bill was her secret weapon.
  Donald Trump immediately went on the attack telling a new generation of voters Bill Clinton’s sordid past.  The point isn’t what Bill did, but rather how Hillary played an active role in destroying the lives of the women he sexually abused.    

NewsMax reports GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump confirmed in an interview aired Sunday he is holding out a threat to use former President Bill Clinton's past if Democratic front-
runner Hillary Clinton continues to attack him as a sexist.
"I don't want to say it's a threat, but it's a threat!" Trump told NBC's Chuck Todd in an interview recorded Saturday in Iowa for "Meet the Press."

"It is a threat?" Todd asked.

"Of course," Trump said. "I can call it a nicer name. She was saying he has tendency towards being sexist. … And I said, wait a minute. She's married to an abuser. A woman claimed rape and all sorts of things, horrible things."
Todd noted that Trump's hits on Bill Clinton's past with women open himself up to similar attacks, including his messy divorce with his first wife, Ivana.

Trump said he isn't concerned — and has said before that his own past is fair game — but added that his case is different because he was a private citizen.

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