Sunday, January 3, 2016

Poland wants UK to push permanently basing NATO troops in Poland in exchange for not giving Polish migrants welfare benefits.

Something like this can only happen among countries that practice Socialism. 
The problem in Europe is that handing out welfare payments is a right instead of a privilege.  And thanks to the Libes in our country, we’re following the same path.      

UK Telegraph reports Poland is ready to drop its fierce opposition to David Cameron's welfare plans if he supports a call to permanently base Nato troops in the country. 

In a potentially significant breakthrough for the British government, Witold Waszczykowski, the Polish foreign minister, said he is “of course” willing to consider a bargain over a proposed ban on European migrants claiming in-work benefits.

In exchange, Poland wants Britain to back the permanent basing of Nato troops in the country to deter Russian aggression. 

The issue will be discussed at a Nato summit in Warsaw in July. 

"It would be very difficult for us to accept any discrimination," Mr Waszczykowski said. "Unless Britain helped us really effectively with regard to the Polish defense ambitions at the summit in Warsaw."

Asked by Reuters if Mr Cameron could offer something to soften opposition to the welfare plans, he said: "Of course. Britain could offer something to Poland in terms of international security." 

"We still consider ourselves a second-class NATO member-state, because in central Europe there aren't, aside from a token presence, any significant allied forces or defence installations, which gives the Russians an excuse to play this region.” 

Poland was the earliest and loudest critic of Mr Cameron’s plans to deny EU migrants in-work benefits for four years, repeatedly insisting that the plans are discriminatory and illegal under the European treaties. There are some 700,000 Poles in Britain.

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