Friday, January 8, 2016

Trump scorches Islamic rape jihad on women in Germany German officials involved in cover up

This is a huge story that’s being swept under the fug by the corrupt media complex here and across the pond. 

WorldNetDaily reports Islamic migrants are waging a real jihad on women in Europe – and it appears government officials are collaborating.
Public outrage is surging over reports of the mass sexual assault of German women in Cologne by Arabs and North Africans during New Year’s celebrations. And reports are coming in of attacks in other German cities, too.
According to a union official with the German police, other mass sexual assaults took place in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

German officials have reportedly been told to cover up crimes committed by migrants in order to avoid spreading panic among the population. And no arrests have been made in Cologne.
Though authorities have vowed Cologne will not be allowed to become a “lawless zone,” the city has already been identified as containing “no-go zones” for police.

Now Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has previously slammed “no-go zones” created by Muslim immigration to Great Britain, called the incident a “disaster” on his Twitter account.

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