Wednesday, January 13, 2016

VP Biden: We didn’t apologize to Iran, Hostage video of U.S. sailor apologizing to Iran says otherwise, Iran wins huge propaganda victory over U.S.

This might be the most humiliating day in U.S. Naval history!
  I don’t blame the sailors but I put full blame on President Barack Hussein Obama for allowing our proud fighting men and woman to be shamed for all the world to see.  Iran, a rogue nation, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism had our sailors on their knees.  We look like fools!
Fox News reports within hours of releasing 10 U.S. sailors who apparently had drifted into their territorial waters, the Iranian government was using footage from the incident as a propaganda tool – including images of sailors on their knees with their hands behind their heads and a video showing a sailor apologizing.
“It was a mistake. That was our fault. And we apologize for our mistake,” the sailor said, in a brief state TV clip posted on Twitter by a journalist with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Secretary of State John Kerry and others have cited the peaceful resolution as a “testament” to diplomacy and the new U.S.-Iran relationship, as they welcome Iran into the “community of nations.”
But the various images and clips of the sailors since circulated by Iranian media could prove embarrassing.
Images purported to show the sailors with their hands over their heads when they were arrested, and Iranian officials boarding their ships.

In the video clip of the apology, a sailor identified as the “commander” is being interviewed about his team’s actions. He apologizes, and also seems to acknowledge they drifted into Iranian territorial waters.

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Vice President Biden: No. when you have a problem with a boat? do you apologize the boat had problems? there is no looking for an apology. this was standard and nautical practice.