Sunday, February 28, 2016

21st Century Cain and Abel: Ohio Pastor William Schooler , 70, is shot and killed by his 69 yr old BROTHER during church services

The first murder in human history was when Cain killed his brother Abel.
  Reasons for this murder is unknown at this time.  I suspect it has something to do with money or a woman, or a combination of the two.    

Daily Mail reports a pastor has been shot and killed by his brother during a church service.
The suspect was sitting in a pew at St. Peters Missionary Baptist in Dayton, Ohio, when he suddenly started following pastor William Schooler, 70.

As the choir was singing, witnesses say they heard two shots as Schooler headed behind the pulpit.

According to WTN, the church was thrown into chaos and everyone was seen running out of the doors. 
Schooler died from his injuries at the scene. 

There were said to be 20 people inside at the time.
The suspect, his 69=-year-old brother Daniel, was taken into custody after the shooting.

The motive of the shooting is not yet clear. Reports suggested it was related to a domestic situation and no one else was involved. 
Authorities have confirmed the shooting reported at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday at St. Peter's Missionary Baptist Church. 

An official statement has not yet been released.

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