Friday, February 19, 2016

Fox tries paint Trump as Flip Flopper: Trump endorsed Iraq invasion in 2002 radio interview

Trump by Michael Vadon

I would say Trump changed his mind on Iraq pretty quickly at a time he wasn’t a politician. 
But, he’s firmly cut any ties to being associated with the Iraq War position as a possible GOP nominee.  It’s a very smart political move that so-called experts don’t want to give him credit for. 

Fox News reports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tepidly endorsed invading Iraq in September 2002, contradicting his earlier insistence that he opposed the war before the March 2003 invasion.

Trump was asked about a possible war with Iraq during a five-minute phone interview with radio host Howard Stern on Sept. 11, 2002. In between Trump's recollections of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack on the World Trade Center and his thoughts on rebuilding the Twin Towers, Stern asked the billionaire real estate developer, "Are you for invading Iraq?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Trump responded. "You know, I wish the first time it was done correctly," an apparent reference to the Gulf War. A month after the interview, Congress passed a joint resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.

The audio was first reported late Thursday by Buzzfeed News.

For months, Trump has cited his opposition to the Iraq War as evidence of his foreign policy judgement. When asked about the statement during a CNN town hall in South Carolina Thursday, Trump initially said he did not remember making the statement, but added, "I could have said that. Nobody asked me- I wasn't a politician. It was probably the first time anybody asked me that question.

"By the time the war started, I was against it," Trump added. "And shortly thereafter, I was really against it."

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