Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Going down in flames: Hillary Clinton’s Vegas Firewall crumbles

Hillary Clinton by Marc Nozell

Despite all the efforts of the Democrat Party and the corrupt media machine to pump up Hillary, it ain’t working with voters!
WashingtonPost reports less than a week before the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton’s political nightmare came to the Origin India restaurant near the Las Vegas Strip. More than 100 activists were packed between a curry buffet and a canvas sign for Bernie Sanders. They talked. They made caucus commitments. They cheered as a “multiethnic coalition” of speakers asked them to dump the longtime Democratic presidential front-runner.

“She had the same information as Bernie, and she voted for the war in Iraq,” said Vicenta Montoya, an immigration lawyer. “She supported a wall along the border. And while she was secretary of state, she did absolutely nothing to alleviate the hardship of people separated from their families.”

“The white Americans have already shown the momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire,” said Zaffar Iqbal, a doctor and a member of Muslims for Bernie. “Now is the turn for Nevada to stand up.”

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