Monday, February 15, 2016

G.W. Bush 'I've been misunderestimated most of my life', Former Prez valiant effort to saves his brother Jeb’s sinking campaign falls flat

I like W very much.  However, not even Jesus Christ can raise Jeb Bush’s campaign from the dead.
  It’s a bridge way too far and an impossible mission for even George W.   

Daily Mail reports former President George W. Bush lent his brother's campaign a jolt of energy at a rally tonight in North Charleston, South Carolina, using humor to punctuate his pitch for Jeb Bush. 

'I've been one to defy expectations, I've been misunderestimated most of my life,' the former president said, delivering some of his trademark alphabet soup. The audience gave a big laugh. 

But beyond the laugh lines, Bush, branded his brother as a smart, strong leader in an unpredictable world.

'I've seen Jeb in action, he'll be a strong and steady hand when confronted with the unexpected,' Bush added. 

Bush spoke of his brother's 'quiet conviction.'
'And in my experience the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one on the room,' the elder Bush said, which could be interpreted as a slight dig on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.   

The former president stretched out his political arms again by telling the South Carolinians in the audience – who head to the polls Saturday – about some of his favorite campaign memories from the state. 

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  1. W loves his brother. And he's a good man. Jeb! is a momma's boy, a pussy, and I'm sure he's a nice enough guy --- but he's not presidential material. What did he do in the 8 intervening years between being governor and running for president besides hanging out in the country club and sucking in the life of a spoiled, entitled man?


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