Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hack AG Lynch non-committal on Clinton email prosecution

Attorney General Loretta Lynch By DOJ

Until otherwise proven Loretta Lynch is nothing more than a political hack instead of an independent law enforcement official with integrity. 
The ball is in her court as to how she will go down in history.  Hacks are a dime a dozen and soon forgotten.  Will that be her legacy?   

Politico reports Attorney General Loretta Lynch declined Wednesday to discuss how she would make a decision about whether to prosecute Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over classified information found on her private email server.

However, Lynch did say the investigation and the Justice Department's review of the matter would follow the usual process and procedure for such matters.

"This will be conducted as every other case and we will review all the facts and all the evidence and come to an independent conclusion as to how to best handle it," Lynch said during a House Appropriations Committee hearing Wednesday morning.

Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) told Lynch that some of his constituents wanted him to raise the issue with her because they were concerned that the probe might be tainted by politics.

"If the FBI makes the case that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and put America's security at risk, will you prosecute the case? Do you know of any efforts underway to undermine the FBI investigation," Carter asked.

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