Thursday, February 25, 2016

Karl Rove in Denial: Trump does not have love on nomination

Karl Rove, Public Domain

Karl Rove is a smart guy and he had his usefulness at one time. 
But, he’s pretty much become a sad fixture of the GOP establishment that’s seeing their era of influence coming to an end. 

NewsMax reports front-running GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn't yet have a "lock" on the nomination, but time is running out for another candidate to defeat him, according to political strategist Karl Rove.

In a commentary for The Wall Street Journal, the former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff during the George W. Bush administration argues the GOP nomination — "as long as three or more candidates are splitting delegates" in proportional contests — may stay "uncertain" until March 15.

But he could also seal the deal then "if a fragmented opposition gives him an absolute majority of delegates on that day," Rove writes.

The delegate numbers will be crucial, Rove writes.

"Even a weak Trump plurality on March 15 would give him Florida's 99 delegates and Ohio's 66 delegates," he writes. "Additionally, if a majority of Republicans oppose Mr. Trump that day, but are divided among several candidates, he could also take the lion's share of Illinois's 69 and Missouri's 52 delegates."

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It’s over, Karl! Trump does have it locked up.