Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kicking GOP Establishment ASS: Trump wins big in Nevada! Jubilant Donald gets more than 45% tells supporters he could have the nomination sewn up in TWO MONTHS

Donald Trump by AP

Trump continues to dominate to the consternation of the weak and spineless GOP establishment who deserve to get their asses kicked.
Daily Mail reports Donald Trump has won the Nevada caucuses with a huge majority, and claimed he could have the Republican presidential nomination sewn up in under two months.  

With all the votes counted, Trump had a resounding 45.9 per cent share, ahead of Marco Rubio on 23.8 per cent and Ted Cruz on 21.3 per cent.

Such a convincing majority is a huge boost for Trump, who is looking increasingly unstoppable in the race to secure the Republican presidential nomination. 
The triumphant tycoon addressed a victory rally on Tuesday night with his sons Donald Jr and Eric by his side.

In reference to his promising poll numbers in the numerous primaries approaching over the next two weeks, he told a cheering crowd: 'We weren't expected to win this one, we weren't expected to win too much at all - and now we're winning the whole country.' 

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