Thursday, February 25, 2016

No let up from Gay Mafia: Texas Christian bakers Kern’s Bake Shop face threats after declining to bake gay wedding cake

Courtesy First Liberty Institute

Any time this happens it’s a case of Gay activists purposely targeting a Christian business for the specific purpose of putting them out of business. 
There are probably hundreds of bakeries in Texas that would accommodate this Gay couple.  But, it’s not about a cake.  It’s about bullying and intimidation by Gay fanatics who want to destroy religion.  That’s the real deal here.    

Fox News reports a small town bakery owned by a Christian family is under siege after they declined to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Edie and David Delorme own the Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas — known around town for their petit fours and sugar cookies — and also their custom-made wedding cakes.

The Delormes are also devout Christians -- faithful members of a nearby Baptist church - and they run their bakery according to the tenets of their religious beliefs.

That became a problem on Feb. 17th when Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo requested the bakers make a cake for their upcoming wedding.

“I was up front with them,” Edie told me. “I said, ‘I’m sorry but we don’t provide wedding cakes for homosexual marriages.”

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I probably went end there.  I hope Texas rallies around this bakery in a big way. 


  1. what was the fine for the sweet cakes bakery in washington state??? $125,000???? so if a gay couple asked me to bake a cake, the price would be $125,000....because refusing would cost me that much in fines. and i would tell them that up front...that way they caannot claim i am discriminating against them

  2. This wasn't about their right to serve; it's about them masking prejudice with "religious freedom".

  3. This isn't about their right to deny service; this is about them masking prejudice with religious freedom.

  4. Discrimination is never a right religious liberty is just code for discrimination I hope the feds come in and fine them. If they are a public accommodation they have to serve the public unless its a health code violation or a menace.Open to the public they don't get to decide who sits at the lunch counter metaphorically speaking

  5. You know when I was a wee lad I was taught that one lived and acted on their morals and beliefs and that ones morals/ beliefs/ religion were sacred, and were not to be trifled with. Now the government is telling me what to accept and how to act, against my upbringing, What is next? putting a Catholic Priest in jail/prison because he won't reveal what he heard in the confessional?

  6. More Gaystapo(Janet Mefferdism) tactics to "Bully" Christians and traditional American Family Values citizens into being "tolerant." Where is their "tolerance?!" Also to topple our Constitution. Communists are behind this plan to destablize Texas and the United States.


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