Monday, February 29, 2016

Spotlight winning Best Picture is a Disgrace

Hollywood Libs couldn’t pass an opportunity to once again bash the Catholic Church. 
When I first saw the coming attractions to this movie I thought why after so many years is this scandal being rehashed again?  How is this entertainment?   Needless to say I didn’t go see it.  And judging by the 59 million dollars the movie grossed, not many other people went to see it either. 

These are the types of movies Hollywood likes to make, self-serving topics that either fit their Leftists agenda or slay the people they hate.  Is it a wonder that movie receipts are down? They're not making any classics any more in Tinsel Town.  But there are agenda films a plenty. 


Ratings for last night's show were down to an 8 year low.  I think the reason for this is pretty simple.  Most people haven't seen the movies that get nominated.  So what is the attration for movie goers to see the Acadmey Awards?  I don't know a soal who seen last year's Best Picture, Birdman.  Apparatnly it's too much of a burden for Hollywood to make movies that fans actually wanna see.  Thowing up a Star Wars flick once in a while doesn't cut ti for me.