Sunday, February 21, 2016

NY Post’s Panicky Podhoretz: If Trump's foes don't unite soon, it's a Don deal

John Podhoretz by You Tube

John Podhoretz has been consistently wrong about Donald Trump for the past seven months to my great entertainment. 
He’s just one a many pundits that can’t grasp Trump.  And Podhoretz is suppose to be a member of the so-called conservative intellenginsia that figure out what’s happening in front of his nose.   


Donald Trump’s victory in South Carolina proves that in 2016, the GOP has split into two. There is the Trump party. And there is the not-Trump party.

In raw terms, the Trump party isn’t especially strong. Voting has concluded in three states. The results there and all kinds of polling on favorability among Republicans suggests he’s got a natural ceiling between 35 and 40 percent. An AP poll conducted this week says 60 percent of GOP voters—60 percent!—have a negative view of Trump.
This is the not-Trump party.

And yet, in that same AP poll, 86 percent of Republican voters say they think Trump can win in November. In light of their dislike, Republicans appear to be making a depressing concession to the dark reality of the present moment—the same dark reality with which everyone who is not in Trump’s thrall is grappling.

With apologies to Shakespeare, Trump is the Colossus of 2016, bestriding the narrow election while other candidates walk under his huge legs and peep about, seeking a little media attention.

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I hope Podhoretz continues his erroneous analysis.  The other guys running for the nomination think they got what it takes to win.  So this pie-in-the-sky idea   Podhoretz has is not gonna fly in the real world of this election cycle.  If anything, Trump is gonna reach out to Cruz or Rubio to freeze the other guy out and unite the GOP that way.  But, I guess that’s above Podhoretz’s head.