Friday, February 19, 2016

NYC Sanitation workers act like Nazi Brownshirts dump store’s fresh produce in the trash

SS Brownshirts

In all my years living in New York I’ve never seen sanitation workers used this way on a business.
  It’s really scary and needs to be closely examined.  There had to have been a better way of handling this situation. 

NY Post reports sanitation workers, seen here, were caught on video throwing out mountains of perfectly good fruit and vegetables outside a Chinatown store — including thousands of dollars’ worth of Mandarin oranges, Chinese pears and other delicacies — after ticketing the shopkeeper for blocking the sidewalk.

The garbage men dumped the produce on Feb. 3 after they were called to the East Broadway store by the NYPD, which cited the owner for unlicensed vending and sidewalk obstruction, according to police.

Cops said he was a repeat offender and had owed $60,000 in fines.

But owner Mohammad Ullah, a 52-year-old father of six who lives in Brooklyn, claimed the officers never gave him a chance to move the boxes of fruit.

“The cop came and told me to move, so I started moving the boxes,” he said. “Son of a bitch sits in his car and calls sanitation, then they come and take everything. He was watching me move the boxes and he still called men to take it away. It was like a robbery. I lost $8,300 of merchandise in one day.”

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