Saturday, February 20, 2016

Obama’s absence from the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia proves his lack of judgment and poor character as president

Basilica of the National Shrine by Jesus_Mountain

It’s a disgrace that President Barack Hussein Obama did not attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
  But, it should not be a surprise to anyone in the United States because this is the same man who rushed to the golf course within minutes after announcing the beheading of an American citizen at the hands of Islamic Terrorists. 

It means nothing how eloquent Obama speaks.  What matters are his actions and his actions are pathetic and loathsome!   

This is our president.  I wonder what golf course he teed off today.    
The distance between the church and the White House is less than 4 miles  400 Michigan Ave Wash D.C. to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Wash D.C,.  Obamas couldn’t just hop in his Limo and go? Yeah, Obama really is a piece of work.