Saturday, February 6, 2016

Panicky Democrats Want Joe Biden on Alert 5 for Dem Nod

There’s a scene in one of my favorite movies of all time, Top Gun, in which Val Kilmer is in the dog fight of his life against 5 Russians MIG jets and the hero of the film, Tom Cruise as Maverick comes to the rescue as the Alert 5 pilot and save the day. 
That’s what some Democrats see in VP Joe Biden.  The flaw with this analogy was that Maverick was a highly gifted pilot with a troubled past.  VP Biden is an incompetent politician suffering from foot in mouth disease for the past 30 years.

Yahoo News reports a prominent Democratic donor worried about the party's chances of winning the presidency emailed dozens of fans of Vice President Joe Biden on Friday, urging them to remain prepared to donate if Biden jumps into the race.

The donor, Bill Bartmann, cited new polling showing Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont nearly tied with the Hillary Clinton, eroding the 30-point lead the former secretary of state held at the end of last year. Bartmann and other party insiders are concerned that Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, is too far to the left to win against a Republican in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

"We cannot afford to lose the White House," Bartmann wrote in the email, seen by Reuters.

The email drew a string of affirmative responses, also seen by Reuters.

Biden announced in October that he would not seek the presidency, despite support from a group of backers under the name "Draft Biden 2016." But whispers have continued among some donors who hope that Biden could be convinced to run after all should Clinton’s campaign prove fruitless.

"My sitting on the sidelines has a lot to do with my disappointment that the vice president decided not to get in the race," Patrick Baskette, one of the recipients of Bartmann's email, told Reuters. Baskette, a public affairs consultant in Tampa, Florida, was a special assistant to Biden during his time as a senator.

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