Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio, Cruz tag-team Trump at fiery GOP debate But, Trump held his own 2 on 1 attacks

Cruz, Rubio, Trump by YouTube

Pundits who think Rubio came out on top this debate are sadly mistaken. 
Trump held his own against a two on one attack and nothing last night occurred that prevents Trump from dominating on Super Tuesday.  But, that won’t stop pundits from getting excited that it did.    

Fox News reports Marco Rubio, joined at times by Ted Cruz, launched a battery of attacks against Donald Trump at a rowdy Republican debate Thursday, assailing his business record and even trying to turn the tables on the primary front-runner after he teased the senator over his infamous debate “meltdown” earlier this month.

Both Rubio and Cruz fought hard to throw Trump off his stride as the field charges into the all-important Super Tuesday contests. Rubio, in particular, was unrelenting in keeping the pressure on Trump Thursday night, going so far as to claim if Trump hadn’t inherited money he’d be “selling watches in Manhattan.”

“I took one-million and I turned it into 10 billion dollars,” Trump countered.
The front-runner stood his ground and cast the attacks as a desperate attempt to take down No. 1, at one point mocking Cruz’s criticism by saying, “Swing for the fences.” In an unruly debate where the moderators often lost control, Trump responded to many of the attacks with his trademark barrage of insults. 

“This guy’s a choke artist. And this guy’s a liar,” he said, pointing to Rubio and then Cruz.

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