Friday, February 5, 2016

She couldn’t hack it!: Fourth-ever female Army combat engineer Erika Lopez turns herself in after going AWOL for a month only 11 weeks into training and being branded a deserter

So much for equality if a woman can’t hack it in a man’s world. 
The are plenty of support positions a woman can perform in the military.  But, combat is better left to the men.
Daily Mail reports the US Army's fourth-ever woman to serve in a combat position turned herself in to military authorities Thursday night after going AWOL for a whole month and gaining deserter status.

Erika Lopez 'turned herself in to proper military authorities' on the night after she was dropped from the rolls and considered a deserter, a military spokeswoman told Daily Mail Online.

'We will look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the situation and take appropriate action,' said Tiffany Wood, spokesperson for Fort Leonard Wood where Lopez is based. 

Lopez was in her 11th week of training when she was sent home for convalescent leave in December. She was supposed to return to base on January 4.
Lopez enlisted in the Army last year as a combat engineer and started basic training in October, according to the Army Times.  

Lopez was scheduled to return from convalescent leave to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri on January 4 but went under the radar.

On Thursday, 30 days after she went missing, she was dropped from the rolls and considered a deserter. 

'After 30 days in AWOL status, a soldier is considered a deserter, and a federal warrant is issued for his or her arrest,' Wood told the Army Times on Thursday.

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