Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump’s Political Savvy: Christie endorsement knocks Rubio off news cycle killing post debate momentum

LM Otero/AP

Donald Trump has been underestimated by the so-called experts since he announced his candidacy for president. 
After a debate performance in which Rubio took it to Trump, lees than 24 hours later nobody is talking about it because of Trump’s surprise endorsement by former GOP candidate NJ Gov. Chris Christie.
NY Times reports in a rollicking day of spectacle, spite and scorn, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey declared his allegiance to Donald J. Trump and war on Senator Marco Rubio, describing him Friday as desperate and unfit for the presidency.

The sudden endorsement interrupted an emboldened, 48-hour assault from Mr. Rubio, who is adopting many of the real estate mogul’s crude tactics and colorful insults as he urgently tries to arrest Mr. Trump’s march to the Republican nomination.

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