Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Victory for Trump! The Donald wins in New Hampshire with a third of the vote in early counting - as Kasich takes a shock silver

Big night for Trump!  John Kasich better enjoy a distant second place because this is as good as it will get for the RINO from Ohio.  
Daily Mail reports Donald Trump claimed victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary elections on Tuesday, predicting before a raucous crowd in Manchester that he'll also win the next presidential nominating contest in South Carolina.

In a 15-minute speech full of greatest-hits moments that followed a much longer oration from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had just grabbed the Democratic Party's brass ring, Trump swung in the socialist politician's direction.

'In all fairness we have to congratulate him,' Trump told a packed banquet hall three hours after polls closed and he was declared the winner.
'He wants to give away our country, folks! He wants to give it away. We're not going to let it happen!'

Trump has yet to unlace his rhetorical boxing gloves in the eight months since he launched his unlikely presidential bid. He also hasn't stopped hammering home a reliable menu of conservative red meat pledges.

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