Monday, February 22, 2016

Yankees want players acting like Russell Wilson, not Cam Newton

Cam Newton acted like a punk
post Super Bowl
Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports

I think it’s a very good teaching tool to use Cam Newton as an example of how not to act to be considered a true Yankee. 
Derek Jeter epitomizes the Yankee tradition of be classy on and off the field, win or lose.  Cam Newton and his low character behavior exposed himself as a fraud who couldn’t handle losing like a professional or a real man.  He acted like a pure fresh off the streets punk.  And he’s supposed to be the face of the NFL?  You can forget about that!   

Yahoo Sports reports the New York Yankees have something in common with your loud-mouthed uncle who loves to complain on Facebook — they also think Russell Wilson sets a better example than Cam Newton.

The Yankees, specifically, aren't fans of Cam Newton's pouty post-Super Bowl press conference (yes, people are still talking about this), but they've anointed Russell Wilson and his cliché 2015 Super Bowl-losing press conference as the way to do things.

Here's how this planned out in Yankees camp, from ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand:

During the Yankees' media training, the Super Bowl is being used to portray the right and wrong way to act. Part of a video shown to pitchers and catchers compares how Cam Newton handled his Super Bowl loss to the way Russell Wilson dealt with his defeat the previous year.

Cam's presser you know well by now: He grumbled and sulked, giving abrupt answers before walking out. It's almost like he felt emotion after losing the big game of his life. Imagine that.

And Wilson's presser from a year earlier was pretty much the opposite: He talked about how great his opponent Tom Brady was, he backed his team's call not to hand-off to Marshawn Lynch in the deciding moment and he trotted out the usual clichés like, "We'll keep working" and "[it's] disappointing, but I think that we'll be back." Here's more:

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