Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Again Pundits Wrong on Trump: Mainstream Media Claims Most GOP Voters Hate Trump, Then Trump Hits 53%

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

Listening to the pundits are really a waste of time.  I’ve been a lot more right than they’ve been.  And I don’t even get paid to do this blog. 

InFo Wars reports only a few weeks before Donald Trump hit 53% in a national poll, the mainstream media – and even Marco Rubio – were claiming that most GOP voters hate him.

It was right after Super Tuesday in particular when the anti-Trump media was downplaying Trump’s major victories by declaring that the three other candidates got more votes combined, ignoring the fact that the same could be said about any of the candidates.

“…Indeed, once again, most voters voted against Trump, not for him, and that’s where reality-show tactics come in,” National Review’s Jonah Goldberg declared on March 4. Other media pundits made near-identical statements:

“Trump’s weakness may be that in most cases he is restricted to about a third of the vote,” David Thornton of Practical Politicking claimed. “Roughly two-thirds of Republicans have consistently voted against Trump, and Real Clear Politics polling shows that this seems to be holding true in most upcoming primaries.”

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