Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yawn: Bernie Sanders wins Alaska, Washington caucuses, no Blacks to swing it Hillary’s way

Bernie Sanders, Gage Skidmore

Let’s face it this race is no contest whatsoever. 
It’s a total sham of a race that’s trying hard to give the impression that Hillary Clinton is overcoming a serious challenge.  But, Bernie Sanders never had a shot according to the corrupt way delegates are awarded in the Democrat Party.  How corrupt is it?  Sanders could run the table the rest of the way and Hillary would still win more delegates.  It’s political grand larceny right in front of America’s nose. 

AOL News reports Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders easily won nominating contests in Alaska and Washington on Saturday, chipping away at front-runner Hillary Clinton's commanding lead in the race to pick the party's candidate for the White House.

Sanders was aiming for a sweep of three Western states - Hawaii also was holding a contest - that would generate more momentum in his bid to overtake Clinton and help stave off calls from Democratic leaders that he should wrap up his bid in the name of party unity.

"We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton's lead and ... we have a path to victory," Sanders told cheering, chanting supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. "It is hard for anybody to deny that our campaign has the momentum."

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