Thursday, March 17, 2016

Best Dad Ever: MLB player Adam LaRoche retires and walks away from 13 million dollars because team says he can't bring son to clubhouse


White Sox brass has made themselves a public relations nightmare. 
They could’ve handled this much better. 

Fox News reports barring a change of heart, White Sox veteran Adam LaRoche is taking his bat and glove — and his son — and heading home.

LaRoche, the designated hitter and first baseman, appears poised to retire, and give up the $13 million he would have earned this season, because the White Sox recently asked him to dramatically decrease the frequency of his 14-year-old son Drake’s visits to the clubhouse.

Ken Williams, the White Sox president, confirmed this to The Post in a text message on Wednesday. Earlier Wednesday, Williams told FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal that he said to the 36-year-old LaRoche, “All I’m asking you to do with regard to bringing your kid to the ballpark is dial it back.”

Williams continued, “I don’t think he should be here 100 percent of the time — and he has been here 100 percent, every day, in the clubhouse. I said that I don’t even think he should be here 50 percent of the time. Figure it out, somewhere in between.

“We all think his kid is a great young man. I just felt it should not be every day, that’s all. You tell me, where in this country can you bring your child to work every day?”

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Kudos to Adam LaRouche for loving his son more than his big paycheck.