Monday, March 28, 2016

Bill Clinton a Cokehead: One of Bill Clinton’s Many Lovers Sally Miller Claims: He snorted Cocaine off my coffee table

I have no doubt this story is 100% true given that Bill Clinton is and has been a sexual predator throughout his life. 
However, the corrupt media machine does anything to cover it up.   
The AmericanMirror reports Sally Miller’s past makes her a danger to Hillary Clinton’s future.

As Bill Clinton’s former lover tells The American Mirror, Miller’s background in television and radio equips her to effectively critique the Democratic front runner for president — not to mention spill the secrets Bill told her during their three-month affair in 1983.

We recently spent several hours with Miller, where she talked about her time in Arkansas and she recounted the time she spent with Clinton when he was governor. Miller says Bill would come to the back door of her previous Little Rock home for their trysts, where he would wear her black nightie and play his saxophone while she played the piano.
And in the course of our discussion, she told us how the sitting governor would snort cocaine off her coffee table.

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