Friday, March 18, 2016

Could GOP panel get away with 20th Century Stalinist tactics to rob Donald Trump of GOP nomination in the 21st Century Twitter Age?

I doubt it very much!

I think this is how the question needs to be asked all those people who want to deny GOP primary voters pattern of selecting Trump as their nominee.  Because that’s exactly what the result would be if Donald Trump were to somehow not get the nomination even if leads in delegates.
Fox News reports the rising talk of an open Republican convention this summer has focused attention on an otherwise obscure group of party insiders, who hold the power to set convention rules – and, in doing so, remove or put up roadblocks to Donald Trump and other candidates.

At the center of the debate are rules modified in 2012 by the influential convention rules committee at the urging of presumptive winner Mitt Romney to secure him the nomination and assure he wouldn’t face a dark horse challenge if, as president, he ran for re-election.
But now, the tables have turned.

Rules meant to put the establishment favorite on a glide path in 2012 could end up helping one of the biggest outsiders in party history, Donald Trump. And it all comes down to the convention rules committee.

Here’s the rub: One of those Romney rule changes -- number 40 (b) in the RNC rule book -- says a candidate must have the support of a majority of sitting delegates in eight states to get on the convention ballot. This was higher than the previous five-state threshold. At the time, according to a party source, the change was meant to thwart then-candidate Ron Paul, who was on track to get a majority of delegates in four states and maybe more at the convention.  

But in 2016, the only candidate who has crossed that threshold so far is Trump.

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