Friday, March 11, 2016

Crime Rampant New York: Bronx Man Jeremiah Dantzler out on bail for two sex assault arrests busted for a third

New York has become a much different place under Mayor Bill de Blasio.
  Crime is up on the streets and the subway.  Slashing and stabbings occur multiple times a day.  Thanks to the NYC City Council, taking a dump or piss in public are no longer crimes.  And sex offenders like this creep are allowed to walk the streets free to assault wome thanks to the wacky Liberals running New York into the ground.  

NY Post reports a Bronx man with two sex-assault raps was busted for allegedly attempting to rape a woman after he told her his Instagram handle — and the attack came two months after a judge set his bail at a paltry $5,000 for the earlier assaults, The Post has learned.

Jeremiah Dantzler, 24, was out on bail when he followed his latest victim, 20, from an East Harlem subway stop to her apartment on Monday evening, law-enforcement sources said.

He then got on the elevator with the woman and introduced himself using his Instagram user name as he followed her up to her floor.

Once in the hallway, he ­allegedly stuck his hands down the woman’s pants before trying to rape her, but fled before he could carry out the attack.

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted rape, burglary and assault.

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